Rapidly Growing Technology Company

Case Study

This major US technology company was enjoying explosive growth. Its soaring headcount created a voracious appetite for new office and research space, eventually reaching dozens of buildings. But senior managers knew this growth also created significant risks should the region experience a disaster.  With its employees spread across buildings managed by half a dozen property management firms, protected by at least four security vendors, with enormous variability between the buildings’ life safety program, the firm realized that a coordinated, effective response to a regional disaster was unlikely.

This company turned to AK Preparedness to help bring consistency and coordination across the portfolio.  Our first step was to run a series of tabletop exercises to identify potential gaps.  These exercises quickly highlighted problem areas and provided a clear direction for program changes going forward. AK then established a consistent standard and format for emergency response plans at all locations.  These plans incorporated all code requirements and current industry best practices, as well as the technology company’s internal requirements.  AK’s consulting team then worked with each building to bring legacy emergency plans up to the new consistent standard. With solid, consistent plans in place, AK then provided emergency response training to key staff, focusing on coordination and communication. This combination of unified response plans, consistent nomenclature, and thorough staff training created a seamless emergency response program across the all of the organization’s facilities, greatly helping reduce risk and ensuring a more effective emergency response should disaster strike.