Case Studies

Federal Agency

In 2015 a federal agency needed to improve the emergency response capabilities at its DC headquarters. With nearly 6,000 employees, a daycare center, cafeteria, credit union branch, the office of a cabinet secretary, and a data center, effectively responding to emergencies posed significant challenges. Each team within the building – security, engineering, emergency management, facility…

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Rapidly Growing Technology Company

This major US technology company was enjoying explosive growth. Its soaring headcount created a voracious appetite for new office and research space, eventually reaching dozens of buildings. But senior managers knew this growth also created significant risks should the region experience a disaster.  With its employees spread across buildings managed by half a dozen property…

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Life Safety Program Assessment

In 2015, a foreign investment group with 30 commercial real estate holdings in the US wanted to assess how well its management teams were prepared to respond to emergencies. Its high-rise office towers throughout the US were all managed by prominent commercial real estate companies. Ownership knew the buildings were largely in compliance with local…

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