Emergency Response Plan Development

AK Emergency Response Plans focus on “The Big Three”: Systems, People, and Procedures. Client staff are provided with highly effective online training specific to client needs and building type, tailored client-industry emergency risks, and relevant client experiences. Our Emergency Response Plans include extensive scenario outlines, media guidelines, team duties, and strategies which extend past initial emergency response. For a plan to be truly effective, it must be customized to client needs. In the interest of consistency and effective planning, we work with clients who have multiple, individual properties to create seamless Emergency Plan Templates. We help prepare clients and staff for the aftermath of an emergency with step by step flowcharts, building information cards, extensive training, and more.

The following are a few scenarios which can be addressed in an Emergency Response Plan:

  • Shelter in place
  • Building Evacuations
  • In-building relocation
  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Explosion
  • Bomb threat
  • Natural gas leak
  • Elevator Entrapment