Life Safety Solutions for a Hybrid Workplace

The hybrid workplace creates significant new challenges for property and facility managers in the area of life safety.

The Challenges

Employees now scattered between a variety of workplaces.

Live training and drills won't reach those working remotely.

Employees now scattered between a variety of workplaces.

Trained floor wardens may not be onsite during an emergency.

Remote Work Affects Life Safety Programs

The post-pandemic shift to a more hybrid workplace and more hoteling and drop-in space disrupts traditional life safety programs.  Live training and drills are problematic when a large percentage of employees are not on-site on any given day. And because trained floor wardens may not be on-site when disaster strikes, a key component of the emergency response framework may be missing when needed.

Steps You Can Take

Train More Often

Leverage New Technologies

A spectrum of technology solutions will help address these challenges, including Virtual Reality, online training platforms, and mobile apps that bring critical information to the fingertips of those who need it.

Train More Floor Wardens More Often

Train More Floor Wardens More Often

To ensure everyone can attend a live training, offer several sessions on different days of the week, rather than just one. And train two or three times the number of floor wardens needed to help ensure coverage during an emergency. 

Train More Often

Access Control Systems

Use your access control system’s reporting features to see which floor wardens are on-site each day and which floors may not have coverage

Train More Often

Work With Tenants

Encourage tenants to require employees who work on-site full time to serve as floor wardens.

The right mix of operational and technology solutions will vary from building to building depending on the type of tenants, the percentage and frequency of occupants working from home, building staffing levels, and tenant cooperation.

How We Can Help

AK Preparedness Safety Net Logo

AK Preparedness' SafetyNet suite of life safety solutions have helped hundreds of organizations and buildings reduce risks and costs.

AK Preparedness VR Fire Drill screen 2

SafetyNet VR

AK’s Virtual Reality Fire Drills and Life Safety Training allows facilities to conduct training and drills without requiring occupants to gather in stairwells or on relocation floors.

Using their smartphone, tablet, or desktop, occupants navigate a photo-realistic 3D model of their building.

They can leave their suite, locate extinguishers and fire alarm pull stations, enter stairwells, and descend to their relocation floor or evacuate the building.

AK Preparedness SafetyNet Respond App

SafetyNet Respond

Role-based instructions with individualized response steps on everyone’s smartphone. 

With SafetyNet Respond, everyone in your facility – engineers, property managers, security officers, floor wardens, occupants, parking attendants – have immediate access to their unique emergency response steps for every scenario.

Define as many roles as you need.


SafetyNet Alert

Simple and cost-effective rapid notification software.

SafetyNet Alert allows organizations to notify thousands of recipients about an unfolding event simultaneously.

Designed for speed and simplicity, SafetyNet Alert enables authorized users, via a mobile phone or desktop, to quickly select a message from a list of pre-written scripts, choose who will receive the message, and click send.

By keeping everyone up to date at every stage, from initial notification to the all-clear, SafetyNet Alert helps reduce confusion, improve response times, and reduce risk.

emergency planning

Emergency Response Planning

Our Response Planning focuses on The Big Three:

  • Systems
  • People
  • Procedures

We can help you develop plans that include extensive scenario outlines, media guidelines, team duties, and strategies that extend past initial emergency response, especially in a hybrid workplace environment. Learn more about how we can partner to develop a better emergency response plan for the new normal of workplace conditions.

All-Hands Training

Live Training & Drills

Our veteran firefighters and law enforcement officers provide building-specific life safety and emergency response training for building staff, floor wardens, and occupants.

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