Live Training and Drills

Sound emergency response planning is only a first step. Without thorough training of staff, floor wardens, and occupants, written plans will accomplish little. Among our live and webinar training offerings:

Scenario-Based Staff Training
Our scenario-based sessions challenge staff to respond to an unfolding simulated emergency. Scenario-based training is an excellent way to promote cross-training and teamwork among staff and identify potential gaps in the team’s knowledge of how to respond.

Floor Warden/Emergency Team Training
Our standard floor warden training program covers building safety systems, emergency team roles and duties, evacuation, relocation, shelter in place, fire, medical emergency, earthquake, bomb threat, power failure, and basic active shooter response.

Active Shooter Training
With the number of active shooter events increasing three-fold over the past 15 years, the topic is a major concern for building occupants, floor wardens, and building staff.  AK’s active shooter training covers background and characteristics of active shooter events, avoidance and prevention, response options, and what to do when police arrive.

Major Earthquake and Extended Shelter in Place
Many West Coast cities face a high risk of catastrophic earthquake. When one hits, the region is expected to lose power, water, gas, communications, and its transportation grid for weeks to months. Office buildings may have hundreds of occupants remaining for days or longer. Managing through the damage assessment, first aid and medical care, communications, supply distribution, and many other issues will be a major challenge. This training covers the current damage forecasts and what building staff, floor warden, and/or occupants can expect to be dealing with in the days and weeks after the shaking stops.

Workplace Violence and Personal Situational Awareness
AK’s situational awareness and workplace violence training addresses crime prevention, personal asset protection, and early warning signs of workplace violence. Tips on what to do and not do in a threatening situation are covered as well as how to respond when police arrive.

Fire and Non-Fire Drills
AK plans and runs fire, shelter in place, earthquake, and active shooter drills for corporations, commercial office buildings, residential properties, and government agencies.