National Preparedness Month Checklist

National Preparedness Month

Week 1: Life Safety Checklist


Because most workplaces have been largely empty for the past 18 months and life safety programs were put on hold, this year’s National Preparedness Month is more important than ever. With buildings beginning to reoccupy this fall, now is an excellent time to review and jump start your emergency preparedness and life safety programs.

Among the most important items on the checklist:

  1. Update your emergency response plan
    1. Update staff, tenant, floor warden, and mobility impaired rosters
    2. Make changes to reflect any new system or layout upgrades made during the pandemic
    3. Also remember to update your Building Information Card in the Fire Control Room
  2. Update your floor warden program
    1. Contact tenants to update floor warden rosters
    2. Determine whether alternate forms of training will be needed to accommodate a more hybrid workplace
    3. Work with tenants to ensure trained floor wardens will be on site during normal business hours
  3. Conduct a staff training
    1. Refresh veteran staff and cross train new hires with scenario-based trainings
    2. Ensure staff can handle both route and atypical emergency events
  4. Confirm all system tests have been conducted
    1. Include fire alarm systems, suppression systems, life safety generators, emergency communication devices, stairwell doors locks, etc.
  5. Schedule a fire drill
    1. Properties in earthquake prone regions should also schedule an earthquake drill during the Great Shake Out in October

For help revitalizing your preparedness and life safety program, contact AK Preparedness.

For a downloadable version of this checklist, click here.