Online & Mobile

AK’s SafetyNet suite of online and mobile applications make life safety training more convenient and accessible, streamline the administration of your life safety program, and help reduce costs and risks.  SafetyNet training modules provides staff, occupants, floor wardens, and employees the ability to complete life safety training when convenient. The SafetyNet Respond application places individualized response instructions onto each user’s phone. And SafetyNet Alert provides rapid notification capabilities within the reach of any organization.

SafetyNet Respond

Individualized response steps on everyone’s phone

For All Emergencies

Provide response procedures for as many scenarios you need, from active shooter events and bomb threats to earthquakes and tornados.

Role-based Response Steps

With SafetyNet Respond, everyone in your facility – engineers, property managers, security officers, floor wardens, occupants, parking attendants – has immediate access to their unique emergency response steps for every scenario. Define as many roles as you need.


Works When the Network’s Down

SafetyNet Respond works even when a mobile network connection is unavailable.

Staff Roles

Building staff can quickly look up the response steps for all other building staff roles. If an engineer happens to be the only one on site, they can immediately check the tasks that the fire safety director needs to perform.

SafetyNet Alert

Simple and Cost-Effective Rapid Notification Software

Streamlined Emergency Communication

Timely communication is critical in any emergency. SafetyNet Alert allows organizations to notify thousands of recipients about an unfolding event simultaneously. Designed for speed and simplicity, SafetyNet Alert enables authorized users, via a mobile phone or desktop, to quickly select a message from a list of pre-written scripts, choose who will receive the message, and click send.


Reduce Costs, Confusion, and Risk

This cost-effective solution places rapid notification capabilities within the reach of any organization. By keeping everyone up to date at every stage, from initial notification to the all-clear, SafetyNet Alert helps reduce confusion, improve response times, and reduce risk.

The first to introduce online life safety training, AK’s innovative software solutions help hundreds of organizations and buildings reduce risks and costs.

SafetyNet Online Life Safety Training

Convenient Online Training

AK’s online training system, SafetyNet, is the most efficient way to provide high-quality instruction to employees, occupants, floor wardens, and building staff.  It allows trainees to take training where and when it’s most convenient – via phone, tablet, or desktop.

Your Central Safety Hub

Your SafetyNet page serves as a central hub for all life safety and security resources, bringing together:

  • Access to a life safety training video
  • Other building-specific life safety documents, such as emergency plan diagrams, reassembly area maps, a bomb threat checklist, etc.
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • A bibliography of other good online emergency preparedness resources

Tracking and Reporting

Managers have access to online admin tools where they can:

  • Generate reports on training activity
  • Export reports into Excel files
  • Print warden rosters and mobility impaired rosters
  • Edit test questions & answers
  • Upload new documents and change phone numbers

Being able to track and report training life safety training activity is an important part of any risk management program.