Planning and Training

Corporate and commercial real estate leaders have long recognized that AK’s emergency response plans, consulting, and training services are among the very best available.

Emergency Response Plan Development

Emergency Response Plan Development

AK Emergency Response Plans focus on “The Big Three”: Systems, People, and Procedures. Our plans include extensive scenario outlines, media guidelines, team duties, and strategies which extend past initial emergency response. We help prepare clients and staff for emergency response with step by step flowcharts, building maps, and more.


Online and Mobile Solutions

AK’s SafetyNet suite of online and mobile applications make life safety training more convenient and accessible, streamline the administration of your life safety program, and help reduce costs and risks. SafetyNet training modules provides staff, occupants, floor wardens, and employees the ability to complete life safety training when convenient. And the SafetyNet Respond application places individualized response instructions onto each user’s phone.


Building Information Cards

Building Information Cards were pioneered by AK Preparedness in the 1990s, and are now a safety requirement in high rise buildings.


Staff Emergency Response Guides

Emergency Response Guides (ERGs) provide response protocols in a flowchart format with step by step procedures in a spiral bound, color coded booklet.


Live Training and Drills

AK provides high-quality live training drills for occupants, warden teams, and building staff. Live training sessions are taught by veteran firefighters and/or emergency response personnel.

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Active Shooter Training

The AK Preparedness Active Shooter Training program provides employers, employees, and occupants with procedural knowledge and responses during an active shooter situation.

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Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop Exercises are one of the most effective ways to test an organization’s readiness to respond effectively in an emergency situation.


Life Safety Videos

AK is the nation’s premier provider of customized fire, life safety, and emergency preparedness training videos for corporations, government agencies, and residential and commercial office buildings.

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Emergency Plan Diagrams

Thousands of AK’S code-compliant Emergency Plan Diagrams are produced annually. AK’s emergency floor-plan diagrams are an important part of every property’s response plan, providing responders, floor wardens, and staff with a clear picture of the egress routes and life safety equipment available.


Emergency Procedures Brochures

AK’s emergency procedures brochures provide everyone with clear, concise instructions on responding to a range of emergencies.