Life Safety Solutions When You Cannot Gather


AK offers a range of life safety training, drill, and planning solutions suitable for the current climate, where people cannot gather.

Live Training via Webinar

AK’s life safety trainers can provide live, real-time training remotely via webinar. Trainees can ask questions and interact just as they can during in-person training. These sessions for floor wardens, building staff, or occupants can also be recorded and made available through our online life safety training software.

Online Training

AK’s SafetyNet Prepare software streams concise-high-quality instruction to employees, occupants, floor wardens, and residents and allows management to track participation.

Virtual Reality Fire Drills

In this option, we build a photo-realistic 3D model of the building's common areas, lobby, and exterior.  Then using a cell phone or tablet, occupants can exit their suite; locate all stairwells, fire extinguishers, pull stations and communication devices; descend to relocation floors; and exit the building and proceed to their external assembly area. We also embed instructional content along the way: users can click on a fire extinguisher to watch a short video on proper technique, learn how to use the emergency communication device in the stairwell, watch a short presentation from a firefighter, etc.

Video Training

Video-based life safety training is versatile, time-efficient and perfectly suited to this era of social distancing. AK offers customized life safety training videos for occupants/employees, floor wardens, resident, and building staff.

Emergency Alerts and Mobile Response Guides

Keep occupants and employees abreast of any developments instantly with SafetyNet Alert, our rapid notification system. And provide them with real-time response steps for every emergency via our mobile app, SafetyNet Respond.