Virtual Reality Fire Drills and Life Safety Training

Virtual Reality is proving to be extremely useful for far more than just running fire drills during the pandemic period.  Buildings deploying SafetyNet VR plan to use it for routine life safety training and ongoing fire drills over the long run.

To date, office and medical research buildings in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC, have opted to deploy SafetyNet VR to augment their emergency preparedness and life safety programs.

Some Fire Departments, such as New York and Los Angeles, long ago approved the use of online life safety training and drill formats. VR training fits within that framework and represents the next generation of digital tools that make training and drills easier and more accessible.

For example, tenants moving into a building can conduct VR fire drills Day One in the building, rather than waiting up to a year for the next scheduled live drill. And VR training provides a much richer learning experience than a standard live fire drill, allowing occupants to locate all their stairwells, see where each stairwell exits the building, learn about all life safety equipment, etc.

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