AK Preparedness SafetyNet VR

Virtual Reality Fire Drills and Life Safety Training

The Next Generation of Life Safety Training and Drills

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With SafetyNet VR, your building occupants and staff can navigate a photo-realistic 3D model of your facility from any device and any location (home or office.)

They will be able to...

  • Explore their floor
  • Locate and descend all stairwells
  • Learn how to use fire extinguishers and other life safety equipment
  • Understand where to assemble outside the building
AK Preparedness SafetyNet VR

Why Choose SafetyNet VR?

Convenient. Employees can conduct training and drills whenever convenient, from any location.

Day One. New hires can participate in a fire drill or life safety training on their first day.

Quiet. VR drills don’t require setting off alarms or asking tenants to leave their space.

Save Money. Traditional training and drills require staff and tenant time, training facilities, and outside vendors. 

Secure. Tenants can only explore areas they are authorized to see.

Documentation. SafetyNet VR documents what trainees do as they explore - which stairwells they entered, what life safety equipment they learned about.

AK’s Virtual Reality Fire Drills and Life Safety Training allows facilities to conduct training and drills without requiring occupants to gather in stairwells or on relocation floors.

Using their smartphone, tablet, or desktop, occupants navigate a photo-realistic 3D model of the building. They can leave their suite, locate extinguishers and fire alarm pull stations, enter stairwells, and descend to their relocation floor or evacuate the building.

Enhanced Learning

As they go, participants can click on life safety equipment and building features to learn more – how to use a fire extinguisher or emergency phones in stairwells. VR drills can also include instruction provided by a firefighter once they arrive at their assembly area.

These Companies Utilize SafetyNet VR

View an in-depth case study here.

More Features on SafetyNet VR

  • Presents a photo-realistic 3D model of your building via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Maps of each floor show location and orientation.
  • Two modes – a guided tour and a free explore mode – allow users to choose how to learn.
  • Allows users to go to relocation floors, evacuate the building, and find their external assembly area.
  • Users can attend an instructional fire drill delivered by a veteran firefighter.
  • Interactive life safety features teach users about building systems.
  • Embedded instructional videos cover all life safety topics – evacuation, relocation, shelter in place, earthquake, fire, etc.
  • Reporting tools detail what each user encountered inside the VR model.
  • Integrates with AK’s suite of preparedness software tools – emergency alerts, mobile app, and life safety training.

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